Stone and Lithotripsy Basket Extractor.

Reliable management of bile duct stones.

With this high-quality, lithotripsy-capable basket from bauer medical, stones can be removed rapidly and reliably. The pre-determined breaking point provides a maximum level of safety in lithotripsy.

The quality of the Vario Stone and Lithotripsy Basket Extractor is unique, with a continuous opening range from 15 to 25 mm or 20 to 30 mm. 150 degree rotation for insertion and withdrawal both facilitates and accelerates gallstone retrieval.

Whereas the atraumatic tip of the stone basket extractor supports insertion into the bile duct and minimizes mucosal injuries, the pull-through lithotripsy baskets can be brought into position exactly, and reliably, behind the stone.

  • fixed pre-determined breaking point
  • smooth wire with optimized gliding quality
  • ergonomic grip for improved tactile feeling
  • stone extractor basket with atraumatic tip
  • vario basket