3-lumen Papillotome.

The excellent alternative from MICRO-TECH.

Positioning, canalization and resection are the decisive features of a safe and successful papillotomy. The 3-lumen papillotome from MICRO-TECH meets these requirements in every way: Emergence from the working channel in the correct position, the atraumatic tip is tapered to 5 Fr, supports canalization and the resection is done reliably in the 11 o´clock direction. Maximum safety during resection is also provided by optional proximal insulation of the cutting wire.

The three lumens for cutting wire, guidewire and contrast agent provide for a high level of safety and efficient contrast agent dosing. Thanks to the ergonomic 3-ring grip, this papillotome is highly user-friendly and easily controlled.

  • 3 lumens for guidewire, cutting wire and CA injection
  • proximal insulation of cutting wire optional
  • cutting direction 11 o´clock
  • filiform tip, tapered to 5 Fr
  • ergonomic 3-ring grip
  • guidewire fully mobile up to 0.035 inch