FARIn snare.

For resections without thermal damage.

En bloc removal of larger lesions using conventional polypectomy snares incurs a risk of initial incision delay or failure of the cutting effect. The may result in thermal damage to the organ wall.

The "Flat Adenoma Resection Instrument" (FARIn) takes a new approach. It is comprised of an effector loop that can be opened and closed like a polypectomy snare. The unique snare design combines a spring-loaded, electrically insulated tensioning bow with a short, HF-activated surgical cutting wire.

With this design, even large mucosal polyps or lesions can be removed reliably at low current strength levels - without initial incision delay or thermal damage to the organ wall.

  • symmetrical and asymmetrical snare
  • low intensity of effective HF-current
  • short, HF-activated surgical cutting wire
  • shorter duration of resections
  • controlled cut with marking on the snare
  • wire and transparent catheter