The effective solution against reflux.

Bypass of the cardia with a stent results in gastrooesphageal reflux. In order to prevent the latter and thereby minimise the risk of bron­chopulmonary aspirations, the Cardia-Valve-Stent from MICRO-TECH is equipped with a unique valve system.

The revolutionary aspect of the valve is its 2-way function which imi­tates the human protective mechanism perfectly. On the one hand, it allows food and liquids to enter the stomach unimpeded and reliably prevents reflux. On the other, it opens in the oral direction in case of excessive pressure. The patient can therefore obtain relief by vomiting in spite of the valve. The valve is particularly flexible and, at the same time, highly resistant to gastric acid.

  • innovative 2-way valve system
  • self-expanding
  • Nitinol mesh with atraumatic ends
  • excellent positional stability
  • high radial force
  • resistant and elastic covering
  • high radiopacity
  • extraction threads for removal and repositioning
  • guide wire-compatible up to 0.035 inches