Softcup oesophagus stent.

Increased patient comfort with high-seated stenoses.

High-seated oesophageal stenoses place special demands on the stent. Unpleasant irritative stress results for the patient owing to stent position­ing in this extremely sensitive area just under the pharynx. The Softcup oesophagus stent from MICRO-TECH is equipped with a particularly soft proximal stent end, which makes the stent as pleasant as possible for the patient.

In order to perform positioning of the stent as precisely as possible, the stent is preloaded on the high-precision PRODIS introducer. This guarantees re­liable release and simultaneously leaves the choice open to the user as to whether the stent should be released from the proximal towards the distal position (PROximal release) or from the dis­tal towards the proximal position (DIStal release).

  • Nitinol mesh with atraumatic ends
  • proximal Softcup design
  • excellent positional stability, high radial force
  • resistant and elastic covering
  • complete covering
  • high radiopacity
  • extraction threads for removal and repositioning
  • PRODIS introducer
  • guide wire-compatible up to 0.035 inches