Disposable hot biopsy forceps.

Take biopsates and stop bleeding in a single step.

MICRO-TECH unites several therapeutic working steps with its practical 2-in-1 solution. On the one hand, the disposable hot biopsy forceps serve as a conventional hot forceps, removing small colonic polyps precisely and safely in active mode and taking diagnostically conclusive tissue samples in non-active mode.

On the one hand, they serve as an urgent measure for stopping bleeding, since the smallest lesions can be closed again at any time via coagulation current. The disposable hot biopsy forceps are unparalleled by other forceps in their suitability for treatment of patients with an increased risk of bleeding.

  • reliability
  • safety
  • very comfortable to use
  • high quality riveted scissors joints
  • puncture-proof PTFE insulation
  • 3-ring handle with Olympus power connection
  • excellent cutting characteristics