EndoClot Adhesive.

Extended possibilities in haemostasis.

Synthetic. Quick acting. Long lasting.

With EndoClotTM Adhesive MICRO-TECH expands the range for reliable hemostasis in endoscopy. The system enables to spray adhesive haemostatic polymers (AHP) in powder form efficient, safe and directly onto the wound. The particles form a protective gel matrix in a very short time, that stopps bleeding and seals lesions. In comparison to the established EndoClotTM AMP the new EndoClotTM AHP adheres to the wound for a particularly long time and is resistant to acids and bases thanks to its synthetic composition.

  • Synthetic polymer
  • Forms an adhesive gel matrix to protect the wound
  • Waterproof and resistant to acids and bases 
  • Lasts up to several days on the wound
  • Successful haemostasis also in anticoagulated patients