Innovations for the future.

Even modern endoscopy has its limits. At least until ways of exceeding these are discovered. As an innovative company, we are relentlessly seeking to transcend medical boundaries, with considerable success. We are therefore able to offer you solutions that were maybe conceivable up to now, but not yet feasible.

The self-expanding Y-stent from MICRO-TECH is one of these interna­tional premieres. Its shape and release are unique and represent signifi­cant process in treatment of stenoses in the area around the carina.

Just as unique as your patient:
customised productions from MICRO-TECH. 

Each patient is different and the same applies to his/her anatomy. As a result, it is often not sufficient to resort to stents with standard shapes or sizes when bypassing stenoses. Solutions which are specifically tailored to the patient's requirements are called for in this case.

MICRO-TECH has taken up this challenge and is the only manufacturer in the world to develop individual stents in addition to special sizes. Each of these stents is a genuine unique article, manufactured to suit the patient's specific anatomy and therefore adapt perfectly to physical dimensions and demands.