Cytology brushes.

The solution for easy and safe cytologic smears.

One established method to remove tissue specimens consists in taking cytologic smears with cytology brushes: MICRO-TECH makes tissue sampling efficient and safe, owing to a series of cytology brushes which are especially adapted to clinical requirements.

The MICRO-TECH cytology brush can be very easily pushed forward to the desired site through the endoscope and the cytological smear can be easily extracted. The thin bristles enable a tissue-sparing cytologic smear. The plastic tube and the distal ball for closure protect the tissue sample when the device is retracted. A potential contamination of the sample is thus excluded.

  • thin brushes for an optimal collection of cells
  • includes plastic tube and metal head for closure
  • for endoscopes with a workingchannel diameter above 2.0 mm
  • sterile single packaging