Disposable biopsy forceps.

No compromises: Quality meets comfort.

The wide choice of disposable biopsy forceps ensures that you are perfectly equipped for every application. MICRO-TECH offers forceps with diameters of 1.8 mm, 2.3 mm and 3.0 mm in addition to lengths of 120, 180, 230 and 260 cm. Regardless of whether they are with or without a spike, coated or uncoated and with standard or toothed spoons - all models are characterised by their high reliability. The excellent cutting edge of the biopsy forceps allows you to take diagnostically conclusive tissue samples in a safe, easy manner. In addition to the comfort-forceps with softgrip our range also includes cost-efficient eco-forceps.

  • reliability
  • very comfortable to use
  • diagnostically conclusive biopsies
  • wide product variety
  • high quality riveted scissors joints
  • working channel-friendly design