Jet Cleaner Type III.

Safe and variable rinsing.

The Jet Cleaner Type III from Wieser Medizintechnik und Ger├Ąte GmbH allows you apply rinsing-fluid safely through the working channel of the endoscope. With this device you can rinse intestinal bleedings and clots away or establish an optimal view in a polluted intestinal tract. The rinsing fluid can be applied in two ways: Via the standard working channel or through the existing endoscope jet channel. The Jet Cleaner Type III can be connected to all standard endoscopes with a working channel. For the endoscope brands Olympus, Fujinon, Pentax and Storz, when using the instrumented-/flush adapter (available as an accessory), simultaneous rinsing and instrumentation is possible with correspondingly large working channels.

  • variable flushing 700-1600 ml/min
  • for all common endoscope brands
  • flushing via working channel or jet channel
  • simultaneous rinsing and instrumentation
  • complete with foot switch, liquid tank, hose and adapter